Chopta is a small Valley or region (20 square Km region varies in height from 1800m Near Sari Village to 4090mt up to Chandrashila Summit) of meadows and evergreen temperate forest (A part of kedarnath wildlife sanctuary), that located in Indian state of Uttarakhand. Chopta Uttarakhand, rapidly being popularized as a tourist destination among tourists for its unique and simple scenic beauty. Its tranquility, greenery all around, and beautiful panoramic view of snow clad lofty mountains (Greater Himalaya) are innately heart taking. Visitors can enjoy Chopta in all different seasons because few of local hoteliers are working through the year.

Chopta station is also a small market from the Tungnath Trek begin and this trek goes up to Chandrashila Peak (4090mts above sea level) which offers 360degree panoramic view of mountain and 180 degree snow clad Himalayan peaks including Nanda Devi, Trishuli and Chaukhamba, Kedar dome, Nanda-ghuti etc (More than 40 peaks). Tungnath is a third Kedar among the five Kedar in Uttarakhand. This temple is also known as the highest God Shivji Temple in the world.

It is renowned for high diversity in the world is a natural habitat for more than 120 species of major mammals, 120 species of Birds (checklist of Chopta,s Birds). Temperate and alpine forest of Chopta region create a sense of nature prosperity where oak and pine trees with more than 130 other species of big trees are existing with Himalayan pride. Innumerable species of flowers and herbs in Chopta region has major affection for research scholars and scientists.


  • Chopta is easily accessible as it is located on the road connecting Kedarnath (Ukhimath) with Badrinath (Gopeshwar) highway.
  • Chopta Valley has one of the shortest trek to reach the altitude of 4090mts (Chandrashila) that offers amazing views of the striking Himalayan range(More than 40 peaks) including Bandar poonch, Kedar dom, Chaukhamba, Trishul, Panchachuli, Nanda Devi and Nanda Ghunti.
  • Chopta region is blessed with God Tungnath’s blessing. Blessings of God Tungnath ji give Chopta region creats sense of spiritualism. Tungnath ji is Triteeya (third) Kedar among Panch Kedar. Tunganath ji (Lord Siva) temple is the only temple in the world at this height (3680mt) from sea label. Chopta Tungnath region has its own religious and spiritual importance since ancient and Vedic time/era.
  • Chopta is immaculate hill station of Uttarakhand famous among tourist for its charming (picturesque) location
  • It is an excellent getaway for trekking in all around year – there are three more day trekking options – Devariyatal, Kartikswami, Atrimunifall & ansuyamata temple.

Activities in Chopta –

Trekking in Chopta : – Trekking is the main activate in Chopta. You have to gain some altitude by trekking to experience the real beauty of Chopta hill station. These trek routes reach you at certain scenic spots.

Most of the tourists come to Chopta to, do Chandrashila trek. Tungnath trekking, Chandrashila trekking, Deoria Tal trekking are some suggested trekking routs in Chopta. These captivating treks go through some fascinating meadows, quieter villages, and alpine forests. All trek routes are easy to moderate grade. Chandrashila trek turns to strenuous during winter. Deoria Tal trek is the only trek accessible even during heavy snowfall.

 Camping in Chopta :-  Camping in the lap of Nature is the best way to explore this beautiful region.  You should stay at least 2 or 3 nights in Camps to experience a different way of living without expecting a luxury in a healthy environment to improve your exquisite health. There are so many camping sites in Chopta according to suite your packet.

There are so many camping sites in Chopta and you can opt anyone form those according to your pocket. Package charges of different camping sites depend upon their services, location as well as facilities, and space for activities. You can get these Packages at the best price through us.

Photography in Chopta: Chopta is such a place, where everyone wishes to capture the natural beauty in their Camera. The different shades of this valley are good to check your photography skill. There are so many reasons why we called it a photography prone area or picturesque or scenic place. Like one cannot stop himself to capture the reflection of Himalayan peaks in the water of the pristine Deoria Lake.

The Majestic 360degree panoramic view of mountains from Chandrashila and 180degree view of Grater Himalaya makes it the best photo spot for everyone. Other than that it is one of the best places for bird photography and the best place for those who eager to take the different shades of stargazing in their Camera.

Yoga and meditation in Chopta: Calm and a healthy environment of Chopta is suited for Yoga and meditation activities. In present so many groups approaching us to book packages for meditation and yoga. Our group has some young and experienced yoga and meditation gurus with us to keep you fit and healthy.

One can plan their spiritual holiday to get away from the stresses of everyday life and bring back peace and natural wisdom, with the guidance of an experienced yoga guru with us according to your strength and time.

Mountain Biking in Chopta:   Chopta has been a popular trekking destination for quite some time, however, in recent years it has seen some group of mountain biking enthusiasts and has the potential to become a favorite place on any Adventure-junkie’s book. Here we have to serve you the mountain biking packages in Chopta. Book budget, leisure group mountain biking tours with us in Chopta.

Bird watching in Chopta:  Chopta is a bird watcher’s paradise. It is famous among birders for the sighting of Monal, Koklass, and Cheer pheasant. Sighting of Monal is common in this area. November -December, and March to the end of April is the time to sights of this beautiful bird.

March to June is generally the best time for birding in Chopta, as many places receive migratory birds that are attracted by the warmer weather of India’s subtropical climate. In order to maximize bird sightings, go very early in the morning and/or around sunset. Click here to know about the – Checklist of birds of Chopta.


Chopta (KWS-Kedarnath Wildlife sanctuary) in particular, has several excellent locations for sighting of this beautiful bird Monal, Bulkana (the monal Point), Shokharkha, near Tungnath is one of the sites where patient waiting is usually rewarded by sighting of up to 20-30 individuals in one Evening or morning. Encounter rate for Monal in these area from 500 mt to 1.5 km walk. The Chopta – Mandal road stretch and the forest tracts around Tungnath and lower Chopta are well known location to spot the Koklass pheasant.

Adventure Activities in Chopta: Magpie group conducts many adventure related activities in beautiful and preferred locations of Uttarakhand Himalaya under the observation and guidance of well skilled professional instructors trained from NIM (Nehru institute of Mountaineering)


Flying Fox– Engaging in Flying Fox will have you feeling like Superman! In this adventure activity, you are suspended from a high-lying point to another room. The starting point is usually at an elevation after which gravity does it work as you reach the endpoint.

The sport is extremely fun and we highly recommend it. Flying Fox will take you through some mountain tops and treat you to breathtaking views. Try the activity i

Rock Climbing – With a diverse landscape, there are many places in India where you can engage in this activity. Rock climbing, also known as bouldering in some locations, has you climbing massive monolithic rocks. The sport tests your endurance and requires a certain level of fitness.

So the next time you are bored with your gym routine, head out to do some rock climbing for a serious body workout. There are natural rock climbing activities in Himachal Pradesh or in Sikkim. There are places throughout the country where you can engage in indoor rock climbing as well.

RAPPELLING – Adventure lovers can rappel down through deep gorges of high altitude Himalayan Mountains.

Valley Crossing – : We conduct rock climbing session on small rocks, but ones who wish to explore more in rock climbing & jumaring can explore regions of Chandrashila rocky terrains.

Jungle walking: Being Jungle walking is best way to experience the local flora and fauna of any place.

How to Reach Chopta


Chopta is well connected with major towns and cities of Uttarakhand. How to reach Chopta – by Road, Train or Flight,and the guide below provides complete information.

Location of Chopta : Chopta is located Near Ukhimath Block Town in Rudraprayad District of Uttarakhand. Chopta is on the National Highway 107, which connect Ukhimath town to Gopeshwar or Kedarnath to Badrinath national highway. It is small region of alpine meadows and evergreen forest, which comes under Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary.

Delhi to Chopta by public transport: You can get bus till Kund (it is near about to 7km form Ukhimath and 35km from Chopta), Guptkashi from ISBT Kashmere Gate. In case you missed that bus, you can take bus till Rudraprayag. From there you can hire taxi to reach Chopta. Buses from delhi ply from 8 pm to 11 pm (please check the timing with Uttarakhand Roadways)

Reaching Chopta in Winters:During winters mainly when there is snow all around, the roads are closed just before Chopta. The roads closed mainly from 1 km to 8 kms before Chopta, depending on snow. Though there are snow cutter machines to clear the roads, it is recommend driving or reaching Chopta during daytime only. If you have hotel bookings in Chopta during winters, try to book hotels which are before Chopta station like Duggle Bittha, park the vehicle in a safe area and then walk to reach the property.

NOTE : We suggest that if you are coming in a group of 4 to 5 person or more then book a taxi /cab from Haridwar / Rishikesh to Haridwar /Rishikesh as the taxi will be expensive a maximum of Rs 2000 for you whole trip. But you will not have to face any trouble and you can also save a lot of time.

Chopta Distance Chart :

Road distances and travel time from/to Chopta from/to various cities within or outside Uttarakhand – Chopta Distance Chart

You can also hire or rent a Cab/ Taxi to Chopta. More details about Chopta Car Rentals


Tip: Do not get confused with Chopta Village (which Google shows on its map), as it is not the hill station. Get details about Chopta Village vs Chopta Hill Station


Road Distance Chart to Chopta

Following is the driving distance chart to Chopta from various cities and towns in Uttarakhand and from Delhi NCR Region (New Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad

  • Delhi to Chopta – 450 kms
  • Ghaziabad to Chopta: 434 kms
  • Noida to Chopta: 440 kms
  • Gurgaon to Chopta: 482 kms
  • Meerut to Chopta: 398 kms
  • Modinagar to Chopta: 390 kms
  • Moradabad to Chopta: 384 kms
  • Chandigarh to Chopta: 412 kms
  • Bareilly to Chopta: 328  kms
  • Kanpur to Chopta: 473  kms
  • Lucknow to Chopta: 647  kms
  • Shimla to Chopta: 473Distances from Chopta with Travel Duration


    The distances to Chopta Station from some important cities or stations are almost closed to actual. However, driving time may vary from person to person and the one mentioned is average driving time.

    Chopta to Other Cities Distance and Time
    Chopt to Tungnath 3.5Km 3Hours
    Chopta to Duggal bitta,Chopta 7 Km /10Mins
    Chopta to Sari Village 20Km /30min
    Chopta to Makkumath Village 22Km /40min
    Chopta to Deoria Tal via sari village 22.5km / 30Min + 2hours
    Chopta to Bisurital by trekking 25Kms and 2 days 25Kms and 2 days
    Chopta to Ukhimath 29Km /45mins
    Chopta to Omkareshwar Temple Ukhimath 30kmz and 1.30hours
    Chopta to Madmaheshwar (Road + Trekking) 65kms 12hours
    Chopta to Gupkashi 44kms/ 2.30hours
    Chopta to Kalimath 52kmz /3hours
    Chopta to Triyuginarayan Temple 98Kms/4.20hours
    Chopta to Gaurikund 70km / 3.20hours
    Chopta to Kedarnath (Road + Trekking) 88Km
    Chopta to Rudranath (Road + Trekking) 48Kms
    Chopta to Gopeshwar 38kms / 1.30hours
    Chopta to Chamoli 48Kms / 2hours
    Chopta to Josimath 98Kms / 3.30 hours
    Chopta to Auli 112Km / 3.45hours
    Chopta to Badrinath 142kms / 4.30hours
    Chopta to Kartik Swami(Road+ Trekking) 79kms/3.30hours
    Chopta to Rudraprayag 69kms/ 2.30hours
    Chopta to Gauchar Airport 89km/ 4hours
    Chopta to Srinagar 101Kms / 3.30 hours
    Chopta to Devprayag 135kms / 4.30hours
    Chopta to Rishikesh 192km / 6.30hours 192km / 6.30hours
    Chopta to Rishikesh Railway Station 195kms/6.40hours
    Chopta to Jolly Grant Airport 218kms /7.20hours
    Chopta to Dehradun 232kms /8hours
    Chopta to Haridwar 228km / 7.30hours
    Chopta to New Tehri 185kms / 6.30 hours
    Chopta to Chamba 191 kms / 6.30hours
    Chopta to Kotdwar 232kms 7.30hours